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December 19th , 2019

Surface Water Measuring and Monitoring

SPF staff members have a wealth of experience in surface water measuring and monitoring and are knowledgeable in USGS methods and methodologies.   We are skilled at finding cost-effective solutions to meet our client’s needs.

bathymetry boat


Continuous Monitoring

SPF can install, calibrate and maintain water level and discharge monitoring stations on canals, rivers and reservoirs.  We can provide the right solution for your application, including simple calibrated weirs, rated sections in streams and complex creative solutions for unique situations.  We are able to provide cost effective solutions that include continuous recording stations and real-time telemetry.

continuous monitoring

Discrete Measurements

SPF can perform discharge measurements on everything from pipe flow to large open channels.  We have extensive experience conducting large scale field investigations including irrigation system efficiency analyses, reach gains/losses investigations, and many other comprehensive data collection efforts.

discrete measurements_monitoring

Bathymetric Mapping

SPF is able to conduct field data collection efforts providing bathymetric mapping of rivers and reservoirs, including velocity profiling/mapping, which has been useful in studies such as fish habitat investigations.

bathymetric mapping

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