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May 3rd , 2012

Garden City’s existing 10” diameter pipeline crossing the Boise River from 52nd Street to Plantation Golf Course broke on April 1, 2012. SPF is assisting the City’s Engineer with the emergency replacement of a new pipeline that will cross the river at a new location just downstream of the broken line, shortening the total length of drilling and pipe required underneath the Boise River. The project will include installing a 20-inch HDPE pipeline, with a nominal 16-inch inside diameter, into approximately 600 linear feet of 30-inch directional borehole at least 20 feet underneath the Boise River. The newly installed HDPE water main will allow water from the east end of Garden City to be more readily transmitted to the Plantation area and from there to the Glenwood area, which was already a part of Garden City’s long-term water plan.

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