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Our Clients

SPF Water Engineering works efficiently and effectively on every project, making us ideal consultants for a varied client base, including federal, state, and municipal government; privately owned water and wastewater systems; industrial and agricultural clients; developers; and more.


SPF assists federal agencies with water and wastewater solutions across the western United States.  SPF has held indefinite-delivery indefinite-quantity contracts with two federal clients and has completed multiple task orders relating to water and wastewater infrastructure for these agencies and others across the western United States.  In addition to indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contracts, SPF is a GSA Multiple Award Schedule contract holder for environmental consulting and geographic information systems. 

privately owned

General Services Administration Multiple Award Schedule

GSA Schedules offer federal agencies a fast and efficient contracting vehicle with pre-qualified consultants. SPF currently holds a GSA Schedule for Environmental Consulting Services (899-1) and Geographic Information System Services (899-7). There is a wide variety of environmental and GIS consulting services we are prepared and qualified to provide under this contact, including but not limited to:

Environmental Consulting Services

  • Water Rights
  • Water resource planning, demand projections, hydrogeologic investigations, water quality samping
  • Wastewater recycling and discharge feasibility and compliance studies
  • Expert witness services, litigation support, and mediation services
  • Financial, technical, and managerial assistance
  • Operator training

Geographic Information Services (GIS)

  • GIS mapping and spatial analysis
  • Resource mapping and analysis

National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) Well Rehabilitation

After BLM staff reported that an irrigation well had rapidly declined in production, SPF was hired to prepare an assessment of the well and associated pump.  BLM staff also reported chronic sand production from the well.  SPF determined that the well casing was in good condition, but the pump needed to be replaced.  SPF provided the BLM with several alternatives to correct the production and sand problems, including well redevelopment, well reconstruction, or as a last resort, well replacement. After discussing the risks and benefits of the options, the BLM decided to rehabilitate the well, saving an estimated $40,000-$75,000 dollars over replacement.

Geothermal Feasibility Study

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) was interested in identifying the energy saving potential of Direct Geothermal or Ground Source Heat Pump development for the VA Medical Center in Fort Harrison, Montana. SPF was tasked with evaluating the potential for developing a geothermal water source, modifications to existing mechanical systems, and providing a conceptual level financial analysis for system installation. SPF oversaw the geothermal test well drilling and provided the feasibility study to evaluate the potential to develop renewable energy resources for existing and future facility requirements.  The test well temperature log revealed insufficient groundwater temperature for heating purposes and indicated insufficient gradient to justify deeper drilling. In addition, the test well production was insufficient for the intended uses. SPF made this determination early on, saving the VA an extensive amount of time and resources.

Dale Work Center Wastewater Facililities Decommissioning

USDA Forest Service asked SPF to complete the permitting and develop an engineering plan to decommission a wastewater collection and lagoon treatment system at a camp near Dale, Oregon. SPF completed an engineering plan and schedule for decommissioning, determined necessary construction requirements to facilitate the decommissioning, provided drawing details and specifications, and submitted a Biosolids Management Plan and Recycled Water Use Plan to Oregon’s Department of Environmental Quality.



State and local governments and water and sewer districts are continually under pressure to keep water and sewer rates and fees as low as possible while facing unprecedented pressure to improve water quality and sustain asset condition to avoid catastrophic infrastructure failures.  With our reputation for value and service, our state and local clients call on us to design municipal water supply wells, surface water treatment systems, water distribution and storage, and wastewater collection and treatment systems.

City of Nampa, Idaho

In response to unprecedented growth in recent years, SPF has worked closely with the City of Nampa on several projects to evaluate their current and future water right needs, determine alternatives to increase system capacity, provide water related information for property annexation decisions, clarify and organize their water right records, and conduct exploratory drilling to plan for future water supply wells. Projects successfully delivered to the City of Nampa have included new well permitting, design, and construction; well rehabilitations; and domestic and irrigation water right master plans.

Garden City, Idaho

SPF has served as Garden City’s on-call water system engineering firm since 2005. Working closely with the city engineer, public works staff, and operators, SPF has played a key role in substantial system upgrades and helped city staff keep the system running efficiently and with minimal maintenance.

These projects demonstrate SPF’s experience with a full range of water system engineering services:

  • 46th Street Reservoir, Booster Pump Station, and Water Main
  • Garden City Directional Drilling Projects
  • New Wells, Well Houses, and Well Rehabilitations
  • Water Main Replacements
  • Fire Flows

City of Boise, Idaho

SPF (along with its predecessor firm Scanlan Engineering) has provided water engineering services for the City of Boise for more than twenty years.  Although the City does not operate a municipal water supply system (the potable water supply for the City is provided under franchise agreements by United Water Idaho and Capitol Water Corporation - also long-standing SPF clients), SPF has provided water engineering and water right consulting for the City’s geothermal system, park irrigation systems, and biosolids farm irrigation system.  In addition to design and construction of more than 30 well and pump systems, SPF’s work for the Parks and Recreation Department has included annual reviews of approximately 80 well and pump systems each year since 1994.  The Parkwide Well and Pump Evaluation project has resulted in on-going documentation of the performance (static and pumping water levels, discharge pressures, pumping rates, etc.) of each of the park wells and pump systems.

Water Master Plan Update

SPF completed its first project for the City of Hailey in 2007. Since that time we have completed numerous water right projects, designed new wells and pump systems, helped to optimize the existing water system, completed a source of supply investigation, and prepared the most recent water master plan update.

Regional Water Demand Study

The Idaho Water Resource Board retained SPF to determine the future water demands for the the Idaho portion of the Spokane Valley-Rathdrum Prairie Aquifer. The study looked at demand issues 50 years into the future. SPF considered historic population growth trends, estimated existing demands, reviewed climate projections, quantified water conservation potential, and projected future water demand for indoor domestic, municipal, commercial, industrial, and irrigation uses in the region.

Coalition of Cities

Idaho Department of Water Resources issued an administrative order requiring curtailment of - or mitigation of depletive effects from - certain junior priority groundwater rights. Junior-priority rights listed in the order affected fourteen Idaho cities. These fourteen cities formed a Coalition of Cities, which retained SPF to assess vulnerability of curtailment to the current, as well as potential future, water delivery calls. SPF was tasked with first estimating Coalition cities’ consumptive and non-consumptive groundwater use under the existing water rights and secondly, assessing vulnerability to curtailment under the existing and potential future delivery calls. The final phase of the project was to then provide any applicable recommendations associated with the water rights that would mitigate the potential for curtailment.

School Districts

SPF has provided water supply consulting on numerous projects for the Boise, West Ada, Caldwell, Vallivue, Garden Valley, Middleton, Nampa, Marsing, Bruneau-Grandview, and Blaine County School Districts, along with projects for numerous private schools.  Projects have included well designs, well and surface water pumping systems, pump system upgrades, repairs, and replacements; water treatment systems; alternative water source studies; and water right consulting.

Greenleaf Collection System, Wastewater Treatment Plant, and Land Application Project

SPF led the design team on this new new wastewater treatment plant for the City of Greenleaf, Idaho.  The treatment plant includes two oxidation ditches, two clarification tanks, and numerous buildings to provide complete sewage treatment.  SPF also engineered a new wastewater collection system for the city and provided construction oversight for the entire project. A combined land application and river discharge approach is used to dispose of treated effluent.

National Guard ORTC and MATES Wastewater Project

In order to support growth of an existing Guard training facility between Boise and Mountain Home, SPF prepared a Wastewater Treatment and Disposal Facility Plan, Preliminary Engineering Report, and Final Design documents. The Guard facility has an existing wastewater lagoon treatment system with subsurface discharge. The wastewater facility was originally constructed in the early 1990s, but not permitted by any regulatory agency. To allow expansion of the training site, a full capacity and treatment assessment was required.

Improvements included adding new control and monitoring equipment throughout the system to track influent and effluent pumping rates and volumes; relining one of the existing lagoons that did not pass the IDEQ required seepage test; two new submersible effluent discharge pump stations, two new subsurface disposal systems; a new influent lift station, and an additional lined treatment lagoon. Due to the large size requirement and challenging soil conditions, drip systems with automated controls were utilized. As part of this project, SPF also provided design of water system improvements, including a new well, storage tank, and booster station providing domestic and fire protection for the facilities.

City of Meridian

SPF has worked on dozens of projects with the City of Meridian since 2004. These projects have included new production wells and public information displays for the water department, water rights consulting and well projects for the Park Department, as well as a new chemical feed building, a new laboratory, and a new administration building at the city’s wastewater treatment plant.

state local government


At SPF Water Engineering, we provide engineering services to many privately owned water and wastewater systems, many of whom face unique challenges from design and permitting to operations and funding. We understand that controlling cost is essential for smaller systems and we tailor our approach to meet the requirements and resources of each system.

A sampling of the services we provide to privately owned water and wastewater owners include:

  • Water and Wastewater Facility Design
  • Permitting with Government Agencies
  • Water Treatment
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Consent Order Resolution
  • Funding
  • System Expansion
  • Construction
  • Operations


At SPF, our goal is to provide the most cost-effective solution for each project. We provide our clients with a range of alternatives and work with them to select the approach that best fits their needs. 


privately owned

Avimor Homeowners Association

SunCor Idaho, the developers of Avimor Planned Community, agreed to a 10-year water-level monitoring program as part of an agreement with the North Ada County Foothills Association. SPF has provided the agreed upon water-level monitoring, which consists of semi-annual water level measurements of 15 wells in the area. Eight of these wells belong to members of NACFA and the other seven are owned by Avimor. SPF also conducts water level monitoring and ground water quality sampling from seven shallow monitoring wells and surface water quality sampling from four locations on the Avimor property.  This work satisfies monitoring requirements outlined in the Avimor Wastewater Reuse Permit.

Sun Valley Company

The Sun Valley Company hired SPF in 2006 to collect water quality samples from a well operated as part of their snow-making process at the ski resort.  This sampling is conducted to comply with an agreement with the Department of Environmental Quality.  SPF has performed this sampling annually since 2006.  Water quality parameters are measured in the field and samples are also collected for laboratory analysis.  A summary report is prepared following the sampling event. 

At-Risk Water Rights Review

SPF was retained to review water rights owned by a confidential client in order to identify which rights were at risk of forfeiture. The rights were tied to a variety of properties throughout Idaho including meeting houses, recreational facilities, athletic fields, and agricultural lands. A GIS shapefile outlining the boundary of recorded use was created and compared to the legal descriptions of the water rights followed by an aerial photography examination. The final report provided action items for rights that were at risk of forfeiture and identified rights or water uses that required a transfer application or additional permitting.

Church Irrigation Facilities

Water supply was needed for domestic, fire protection, and irrigation purposes for a new church in Canyon County, Idaho.   SPF was hired to provide the appropriate water right application filing, the design and construction management of one irrigation well and one high-capacity fire protection well, as well as the permitting and design of associated pumping systems. 

SPF was able to target a higher-quality, lower-capacity aquifer the church could develop for domestic purposes and then target a lower-quality, higher-capacity aquifer to develop for fire protection purposes. This approach avoided costly and high-maintenance water treatment options.

Arrowrock Ranch Homeowners Association

SPF designed a new wastewater influent screen and prepared the annual land application permit report for the Arrowrock Ranch Homeowners Association. The screen project involved preparing construction plans for Idaho Department of Environmental Quality approval, and bidding of the construction work. SPF’s services for the land application permit report included organizing and evaluation of plant and discharge operating data, comparing the data to permit requirements, and offering recommendations to improve the treatment plant and reuse system efficiency.


SPF Water Engineering provides water related engineering services to companies in a wide variety of industries, including:

  • High Technology
  • Energy
  • Agriculture
  • Food Processing
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Power
  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing

SPF can take care of your water and wastewater issues so you can focus on your core business.

Micron Water Treatment

Micron Technology requires a continuous source of high quality water for their semiconductor manufacturing facility at the Federal Way campus in Boise, Idaho. To meet these needs, SPF’s engineers worked with Micron on the planning, design, and construction of an innovative 1 mgd membrane filtration plant and aquifer storage and recovery project. SPF worked with Micron to expand the facility to 2 mgd, with an ultimate capacity of 4 mgd. SPF’s engineers handled the water rights acquisition, well design, aquifer modeling, and water treatment plant design for the system.  Two stages of membrane treatment are used to reduce rejected water to less than 1 percent of the total flow. The treated water is injected into the aquifer via a 1,215 feet deep well, and later recovered through existing production wells located ¼ to ½ mile away. The temperature and chemistry of injected water stabilizes along the flow path from injection to recovery.

The project won the ASCE Southern Idaho Section and the Pacific Northwest Regional Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award and competed in the national competition.

Micron Lehi Owner's Representative

Micron Technology, Inc. currently owns approximately 2,000 acres of developable property in Lehi, Utah which is fronted by Utah Department of Transportation’s (UDOT) SR-92 highway.  UDOT undertook a very large highway expansion that required the condemnation of Micron property and threatened to eliminate access to SR-92 and Lehi City utilities.  Since October of 2009, SPF has taken the lead to ensure Micron retains vital vehicle and utility access to their property.  SPF makes routine site visits to Lehi, Utah, attends meetings for Micron, and provides support to the multiple efforts that have been necessitated due to the SR-92 project.  SPF continues to work and coordinate with Lehi City, Highland City, UDOT, Provo River Water Users Association, special utility districts, UDOT’s design build contractor, neighboring property owners, IM Flash Technology, and consultants. 

Confidential Client - Food Processing Facility

SPF is currently assisting an international industrial food processing client with environmental permitting and groundwater mitigation. SPF’s services include design and permitting by the Department of Environmental Quality for a wastewater treatment system including CSTR aeration tanks with a resource harvesting system. Future phases of the project will include groundwater mitigation components.  SPF is assisting the same client at one of their California plants with a wastewater treatment system that includes a membrane bioreactor with resource harvesting system and groundwater mitigation.

Confidential Client - Wastewater Reuse Facility

SPF has provided quarterly water level monitoring and water quality sampling for a wastewater reuse facility near Caldwell Idaho since 2004. Prior to 2004, this work was conducted by Terry Scanlan (Scanlan Engineering) continuously since 1995, and intermittently by Terry Scanlan since 1986.  Over the past 25 years, Terry and the SPF team have collected more than 2,000 groundwater samples, and have maintained a database of sample results.  For this project we currently sample a total of 36 monitoring wells on a quarterly basis. Reports of findings, including a summary of field and laboratory results, individual laboratory reports, QA/QC sample results, and aerial-photo-based groundwater contour maps are sent to the client following each sampling event.   The sample results and contour maps are provided to the Department of Environmental Quality on an annual basis. 

Confidential Client - Proposed Power Plant

SPF was the water supply engineer for a proposed nuclear energy power plant in the Pacific Northwest.  SPF completed preliminary design for a water supply pipeline on a fast-track schedule. The pipeline design presented multiple challenges due to the pressures created by the changing elevations over the various routes.  The river intake was designed in accordance with permitting requirements, resource agencies’ maximum velocity requirements for fish species, and the results of biological monitoring in the nearby river. SPF also provided guidance on water right acquisition and permitting strategies necessary to supply a water-intensive energy project.

Thompson Creek Mine

SPF has conducted a number of water supply and water right projects at the Thompson Creek Mine near Challis, Idaho.  Recent projects have included (1) design, permitting, and construction management of a replacement drinking water supply well and pump system, (2) design, permitting, and construction management for a replacement potable water storage tank, (3) surge protection and corrosion analysis for a high-pressure pipeline and pump station from the Salmon River, (4) water right consulting (including water right transfer applications, Snake River Basin Adjudication claim preparation and analysis, and water right beneficial use field exams), (5) water temperature monitoring assistance for surface water streams, (6) design and construction management of a large overflow protection tank that intercepted non-permitted discharges from reaching the Salmon River, and (7) a hydraulic analysis and pump design to deliver potable water to a facility that had a failing well.



SPF Water Engineering provides a wide range of consulting services to our agricultural clients, including:

  • Securing water rights through acquisition, transfer or new appropriation
  • Obtaining necessary State and Federal stream channel alteration permits
  • Well, pump system, pipeline and sprinkler design
  • Design of surface water delivery facilities, including ponds and reservoirs
  • Selection and installation of water measurement devices, including weirs, meters and data loggers

Confidential Agribusiness

SPF has provided detailed irrigation system design on approximately 5,000 acres at two sites in southwest Idaho, for a large agribusiness.  Irrigation is primarily from center pivot systems.  At one site, wastewater is reused requiring Idaho Department of Environmental Quality review and approval of all system plans.  At the other site, SPF provided hydraulic analysis to optimize pressures and efficiency for a sprinkler system with more than 100 feet of elevation change.

Developing a New Dairy

A southern Idaho farm owner needed to change the nature of use on portions of his existing groundwater rights from irrigation to commercial use to allow development of a new dairy operation. He also needed assistance in rebuilding and rehabilitating existing wells to assure an adequate water supply for his farming operation. 

During an initial review of the water rights, SPF discovered that the farm’s existing irrigation water rights were inaccurately decreed in the Snake River Basin Adjudication.  To fix the errors and provide flexibility for current and future farming operations, SPF prepared two transfer applications that were ultimately approved by the Idaho Department of Water Resources.  The first application corrected inaccuracies in the water right records, authorized the use of an integrated irrigation system, and authorized the addition of a new irrigation well.  The second application authorized new wells for commercial dairy water supply.

Following transfer application approval, SPF provided design services for the new irrigation well.  Upon successful completion of the new well, SPF provided consulting services for rehabilitation of several other irrigation wells on the farm.

Confidential Agricultural Management Company

SPF has provided hydrogeologic and irrigation engineering consulting at multiple sites in Idaho, Washington, and California for a large agricultural management company.  The work has included (1) water right evaluations, (2) well design, testing, and construction, (3) consultation on well rehabilitation projects, (4) well and surface water pump designs, and (5) design of irrigation piping improvements. Many of the projects have focused on maximizing energy efficiency for large center-pivot sprinkler irrigation projects served by multiple well or surface water sources.


At SPF Water Engineering, our work with developers often begins by helping them identify the source of water for a proposed development.
That review and analysis is followed by our comprehensive approach to all things water:

  • Water right strategy and permitting
  • Water supply studies
  • Well or surface water source design and regulatory permitting
  • Design of water system facilities such as storage reservoirs and pump stations
  • Wastewater collection system and wastewater treatment plant design and permitting
  • Reclaimed water irrigation system design and permitting
  • Start-up, testing, and assistance with operations of all water facilities

SunCor Development Company

When SunCor Development Company came to Idaho to develop a large planned community, located approximately 6 miles northwest of Boise, they were immediately faced with challenging water resource issues.

SunCor hired SPF to conceptualize and implement a plan to bring water service to the Avimor development.  SPF did extensive hydrogeologic and water rights investigations in the area. When inadequate locally available water sources were found, SPF conceptualized, permitted, and successfully designed approximately 5 miles of 16-inch diameter high-pressure transmission main, a 2,000-gpm in-line booster pump station, and a 600,000-gallon welded steel reservoir in order to transmit water from United Water’s existing water facilities to Avimor.  An aquifer suitable for aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) was identified on the Avimor property, and upon implementation of ASR, water can be stored and conveyed from Avimor back to United Water’s main service level in Boise. 

Groundwater Supply Assessment

Alpenland, LLC retained SPF to conduct an assessment of groundwater resources available to support a future lodging and real estate development at Brundage Mountain Resort base area.  Groundwater at the site is obtained from a granitic aquifer with minimal historic development, leaving little historic data pertaining to groundwater resources at this site.  SPF’s investigation included the following:

  • A review of prior geologic reports and drillers’ reports of existing wells in the area.
  • Selection of locations for exploratory drilling based on field reconnaissance and a fracture trace analysis.
  • Permitting for test well construction. 
  • Supervision of the well drilling contractor during construction of three test wells. 
  • Test pumping of three test wells and one existing well. 
  • Evaluation of aquifer properties, potential well yields and anticipated sustainability of ground water supply.
  • Preparation and submittal of a water right application requesting appropriation of ground water for municipal use at the proposed development. 
  • Design and permitting of production wells and public water system facilities.

City of Middleton, Idaho

SPF has provided permitting, design and construction oversight on several water system facilities for the City of Middleton, including two full well facilities and one well facility upgrade.  These projects were completed on behalf of developers or the Middleton School District and conveyed to the city after construction was complete.  SPF worked closely with the City of Middleton and the city engineer on the facility designs and acceptance of the facilities during and after construction.

Arrowrock Ranch Subdivision

SPF developed the water system concept, and completed the design, permitting, and construction management services for this new 100-home development.  A water supply study identified local hydrogeologic characteristics and confirmed that groundwater could supply the development.  SPF assisted the Owner in obtaining new water rights for domestic and fire protection uses, and transferring existing irrigation water rights for irrigation uses within the new development.  Because high capacity wells could be obtained in the area, no storage tank / booster pump station was needed to provide fire flows, saving money on initial capital costs.  Two wells that provide domestic, irrigation, and fire flow were constructed.  The two wells contain three pumps, another cost saving measure.   A common well house is used for both wells.  The system is automated and runs with minimal oversight.  The new Public Water System was permitted through the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, and also set up through the Idaho Public Utilities Commission.



SPF Water Engineering provides broad technical support services for attorneys and the legal profession.
Our services include:

  • Detailed water right analyses
  • Assistance in the preparation of administrative forms such as permit and transfer applications
  • GIS mapping
  • Water level and flow measurements
  • Litigation support and expert testimony


SPF Water Engineering routinely collaborates with other consulting firms throughout the western United States. Examples include performing water and wastewater work for non-water engineering companies, and specialized water rights and hydrogeology work for water and wastewater engineering firms. Where others see competition, we see potential partners. We foster productive, effective working relationships with — and mutual respect for — our industry peers. SPF’s professionals recognize that combining our strengths with the strengths of others can result in the best solutions for our clients.

Splash Park

SPF worked closely with the Boise Parks and Recreation Department, Boise Urban Gardens, and community members to develop the 3.4-acre Comba site into a splash park. SPF developed the water right, water delivery, and overall irrigation strategy; and provided permitting, site design, construction support, and design services for the park. The park design included a splash pad with four spray features and their associated actuators and controls. The used water from the splash pad is stored in a 20,000-gallon buried tank and is then pumped from the tank, through a UV disinfection system, and out to irrigate the park grounds.

McCall Lift Station 7

SPF designed a replacement for an over-capacity lift station located within 50 feet of the North Fork of the Payette River, very close to the 100-year flood plain. The new lift station is designed to collect and convey 1,200 gpm of sewage flow across the River. Site constraints include the river crossing with two pipelines, deep excavation (approximately 35 feet) near the river, a nearby fish hatchery water supply pipeline that must be protected and maintained in continuous service, and a required small construction footprint. 

Meadowlake Village

SPF designed a replacement for an over-capacity lift station located within 50 feet of the North Fork of the Payette River, very close to the 100-year flood plain. The new lift station is designed to collect and convey 1,200 gpm of sewage flow across the River. Site constraints include the river crossing with two pipelines, deep excavation (approximately 35 feet) near the river, a nearby fish hatchery water supply pipeline that must be protected and maintained in continuous service, and a required small construction footprint. 

Water Reservoir/Aquifer Storage and Recovery Study

SPF was asked to evaluate ways in which water from different Moscow mountain reservoir sites could be used to augment or replace the city’s reliance on groundwater.  Specific objectives included the following:

  • Identify ways in which water from selected reservoir sites could be conveyed and integrated with Moscow’s municipal water system;
  • Prepare cost estimates for the water system alternatives; and
  • Evaluate these alternatives based on construction feasibility, projected order-of-magnitude cost, and general water-supply benefit.

SPF identified a number of innovative alternatives to consider for long-term water supply to the City.